Charlie + Jake | Bristol-based vocal and piano / double bass duo

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Written, performed, arranged, recorded and produced by Charlie + Jake in 2019

Mixed and mastered by Ben Mowat in 2019

Artwork by Charlie + Jake

© and ℗ Charlie + Jake 2019

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Performed on a beautiful piano painted with a magical underwater scene.

Filmed by Duncan Parker
Piano painted by Héloïse Mab

“it's the same old story”

Same Old Story is a straight-forward, straight-talking yet understated jazz tune all about walking away from situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

The introduction starts with a recording of a walk from our first holiday together in 2015. Jingly bells from fields of goats in Greece are followed by a stroll through a street of clubs and pubs. The walk continues into a smokey jazz bar filled with cheerful gossipy voices in the wonderful Bristolian accent and the song all about gossiping begins.

Jake spent many hours crafting a scale model of a grand piano entirely out of paper for the artwork. The strings were added and spaced by eye, thinking that to count them exactly would be excessive. Only afterwards did we find them to be one short... but surely no-one will notice unless we point it out.


same old story

It's the same old, same old Story.

You think you are the one who’s in control,
So why can’t you be the one to let it go?
You walk and I will follow your lead,
When you know this ain’t what I need
And it’s the same old.

It's the same old, same old Story.

You know I hang off every word you say,
So you must know this ain’t a fair game to play.
I keep waiting for everything to change,
But when it’s up to you,
Everything’s the same.

It's the same old, same old Story.

You keep on taking,
And I keep on waiting,
For something to change but it stays the same,
Same old book and the same old page,
Of the same old story,
Why can’t we make the change?

It's the same old, same old Story.