about charlie + jake

Charlie + Jake | Bristol-based vocal and piano / double bass duo
We're Charlie + Jake, a quirky jazzy multi-instrumentalist duo from Bristol weaving stories of love, friendship and sense of place.
Our shows are often cute and cheerful, sometimes wandering into the misty and mellow then swiftly dropping into the groovy and sassy to get everyone clapping along again!
We're all about feeling 'at home': we record our music in our home studio, lots of our instruments are homemade (think shakers made of chickpeas and lentils!) and we always wear our silliest socks on stage!

We'd love to have a chat! Send us an email to hello@charlieandjake.co.uk or follow us on social media with the links below:

Charlie + Jake | Bristol-based vocal and piano / double bass duo

when you know out now

This song was written for our pals on their wedding day: a glorious October celebration of love and friendship. Since that day, we have found that the song is as much about those two special people as it is about all of us and the joy we can find in the small things in life.

So grab a mug of something warm, set yourself up by a window with a view, and sing along with us about the memories of our golden hours and dreams of the future.